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Belkin Router Login

After we have our Belkin Router completely setup, we can further login to the router page to play with advance settings and other features available. Mostly a Belkin Router login page is divided into columns and sections. Mostly the column on the left panels displays key features like LAN Setup, Internet WAN, Wireless, Play Features, Firewall, and utilities.

Know the advance setting of the router

In the LAN SETUP section of the Belkin router login page, further settings like LAN Settings option is available for accessing or changing the IP address of the router (usually Belkin router default IP is This section also displays the Subnet Mask and also gives you a radio button DHCP Server option. It is recommended to keep the DHCP SERVER option to ON as its job is to automatically assign an IP address to your devices on the network like computers, printers, tablets, phones. You can imagine putting in unique IP address one by one to each of your devices still, in some cases, you have devices like smart televisions that might need a static IP address. For that matter, Static IP addressing option is also available on the router login page. You can even assign a network name for your router to distinguish it in multiple network areas.

The WAN settings have everything to do with the Internet Service Provider’s information like the DNS address and the secondary DNS address; also it provides information about the MAC address assigned to the router and the type of connection it is.
Then WIRELESS section is where you can make all the changes to your Wi-Fi Settings starting from the Wireless Name (SSID) and the password for it. As most of the Belkin routers have dual band frequencies we have to make sure both of them are secured. You can even create a guest Wi-Fi account so that your visitor has completely different network to access. Wireless network work on security protocols like WPA, WPA2, and PSK etc. And depending upon your device, select the one which is most compatible.


Then comes the FIREWALL section of the Belkin router login page which lets you switch the status of FIREWALL on the router though it is recommended to keep it ON but some devices might need its status on OFF. A firewall will block all the bad infected data or hacking activity attempts on your network or network devices. You can even make changes to the Access Control settings where you can choose not to allow any remote access to your computer and other devices from outside the location where the router is setup. Firewall section also keeps a security log where you can check for any activity happening on your router network which is not safe.

The PLAY FEATURES as the name suggests is heaven for users to prioritise their devices to get maximum bandwidth and connection while in use. For example, you are using a computer for business from home and another computer for just regular work, so that you have the best connectivity when working on a business computer you can visit this section of the Belkin router login page and prioritise your computer. You can also check for the traffic status like which device is using what kind of bandwidth of the total.

Then you have the Utilities Feature that lets you further update the router with the latest firmware, you can even reboot the router from here without touching the physical box. Creating a backup of settings and restoring the settings to factory default or previous settings is also possible from this part of the router login page for Belkin.

Configuration of the Belkin router

It is necessary to change the settings of your Belkin router if you want the network of your router to be secured. Change the password and other security features of your router to make the network secure. You will find the settings of your router in the administration panel. Access the administration panel of your router to change the settings and to access the same, please follow the steps given below.

  1. Have one Ethernet cable and connect it to the LAN port of your device from which you are viewing the panel. Connect another end of the LAN cable into a port on your Belkin router. You will have the ports on the back of your router.
  2. Open a web browser like Mozilla Firefox. Enter the IP address (default) in the URL bar of the browser window.
  3. You will see three options on the top right corner. Click on the Login and enter the default credentials and click on submit button.
  1. Change the password after the opening of the administration panel. Go to System settings that you will see on the left panel of the window.
  2. Leave the current password field blank and enter the new password in the new password field and also confirm the same in confirm new password field.
  3. Click on apply button to save the new password.

Now, you can login to the router by using this new password.

There is a very easy method to set up the router and the method is via WPS button. You can perform the process by pushing the WPS button or by entering the PIN. Visit the settings page of your Belkin router to enter the PIN.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch an Internet browser, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer. Put the IP address in the URL box and press enter. If you have confusion regarding the IP address then do read the user manual of the same router.
  2. Enter into the administration panel after login via your own set credentials and if you have not changed them then enter the default one. Click on submit and you will finally get landed to the configuration page.
  3. Go to Wi-Fi Protected Setup in the left menu. Find the PIN for your router model. This PIN can be easily found out at the back of your router. Otherwise, find it in the instructions manual of your router.
  1. Enter client device Pin in the respective given field and click on Enroll button.
  2. Press the WPS button on your router first and then on the device which you want to connect to your router. This process will take two minutes before completion.

If you are unable to get into the Belkin router’s configuration page then try out some troubleshooting tips. You can find some of them on the internet. Type troubleshooting tips in the search field and search it on the Google. Try the tips to resolve your problem. If you still get issues then do not make it a headache for you. Try to connect with us through our live chat window given on our window. Our technicians are available online all the time to serve you. Get in touch with them to take help and resolve your problem in no time. Get back to us whenever you have an issue, we will provide you support for the same. You might get some other issues as well like do not able to access the Belkin router login page, trouble in changing the password of your router.